Opl black screen hdd

Works fine but freezes at the end of each level after the save point. Simply restart and reload at this point the be on the next level. OPL 0. Compatible: [ Mode 3 ] Works Great.

How to run PS2 Games Off A USB Stick (Playstation 2 Soft Mod)

Compatible: [ Mode 3 ]. Compatible: [ Mode 1 ]. When selecting new game, it ask to insert game disk in the tray. Compatible: Have not played extensively, but it seems to work perfectly. No compatibility modes. HDA 3. Some say it works, some say it hangs on the loading screen. May depend on the PS2 model. Apparently it works if patched. Most of the game works fine but locks up in tutorial mode and has black screens in the art gallery.

One person also mentioned of a problem with loading saved games. Incompatible: Incompatible - Runs if using USBadvance using either image off of hard drive or elf loader memory card exploit. Conflicting reports, one says it works fine, two others say it doesn't work at all. Reports of not working at all on v7 PS2. Incompatible: Black screen of death. View possible workaround. Incompatible: Error upon installing. Game boots, but freezes when you select a game.

Compatible: [ Mode 1Mode 3Mode 7 ].

Fixes loading hang on story mode. To get around this, set mode 3 then select to play online, say no for Launch NetGui application, then choose play offline. Loading Chapter 7 results in a black screen and cannot be progressed past. Samuari: Legend of Musashi.

Compatibility Unknown v0. Samurai Champloo. Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku. Compatibility Unknown OPL 0. Samurai Shodown Anthology. Samurai Warriors. Incompatible OPL 0. Samurai Warriors 2. Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends.Level 3. Joined: Mar 30, Messages: 68 Country:. Hi, so I'm trying to start playing digital games on my PS2 since I can tell its disc drive will probably only last a few more years.

I followed this tutorial exactly, but OPL won't read my game. In fact, it shows my USB as empty. I have them in the appropriate folders and I split DOA2 exactly how this followup tutorial showed. So what am I doing wrong? If I'm doing everything right, why won't OPL detect my games?

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Which version of OPL are you using? GensokyoIceFairy likes this. Ryccardo watching Thames TV from London. Level Joined: Feb 13, Messages: 6, Country:. Is your flash drive working in wLaunchElf or other homebrews? GensokyoIceFairy Banned. Level 2. Joined: Sep 30, Messages: Country:. CD games need to be converted to. Ryccardo likes this. I never thought of this, but does it matter what USB port I plug my flash drive into?

Tried it on both USB ports. Still nothing. I'm sure I can get OPL to work at some point.By petethepugOct 21, 3, 2 0. OP petethepug PUG. Level 6.

opl black screen hdd

Joined: May 2, Messages: 1, Country:. I don't know if I installed this wrong or if I'm missing a few extra steps but whenever I go to install my game backups they never work properly, and I get a black screen. The games I have tested so far are; Twisted Metal Extra Twisted Edition it starts with a black screen however it loads green text???

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If I press X or any other inputs it vanishes and I get a black screen. The menu works fine its just booting games so far is the problem. For the record; use ImgBurn and avoid HD Loader much as possible for backing up your games unless you find it tedious to take and install a game to your HDD.

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opl black screen hdd

Joined: Apr 16, Messages: 5, Country:. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Check for new posts. Draft saved Draft deleted. Modding 3DS - Step 3 results in wrong program launching? Replies: 25 Views: 1, HyperT Sep 24, Different minigame results screen in MP Replies: 2 Views: Replies: 55 Views: 5, Dodain47 Apr 7, at PM. Replies: 9 Views: Keylogger Apr 6, at PM. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?By WhiteBerryOct 5, 4, 10 0.

OP WhiteBerry Member. Level 1. Joined: Sep 27, Messages: 27 Country:.

opl black screen hdd

Level 3. Joined: Sep 5, Messages: Country:. If it's fragmented, run Auslogics disk defrag only, not another. Btw, when does the blackscreen happens? When you launch the game? I checked the link in your post.

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Also, Is this on the right way? It works now. Level Joined: Oct 25, Messages: Country:. It will warn you when your games are too fragmented to be launched. Also, powerdefragmenter is not recommended, it doesnt properly defragment. Well, just my 2 cents, feel free to believe me or not.

You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Check for new posts. Draft saved Draft deleted. Replies: 65 Views: 30, Replies: 4 Views: Shady Guy Jose Feb 21, Replies: 65 Views: 14, Hazerou Jan 31, Kingdom Hearts DS control hacks? Replies: 16 Views: 1, Replies: 0 Views: ComicMaster Dec 31, Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.Also, be aware that using commerical cheat engines i.

You must use a non-PS2RD build for commercial cheat engines. Updated Eliminated the need for user-configurable delays in USB support. Slimlined and fixed SMB support. Refactored compatibility mode handling for maintainability. Added a workaround for some clone network adaptors. Mode 7 "IOP threading hack" removed, as the new streaming mechanism has taken care of all related issues.

Improved reading performance of the cdrom device. The USB device will now only be accessed if connected. New device dependent Auto-Refreshing system, for better responsiveness. New Logo by Jay-Jay. Improved error reporting of SMB mode.

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GUI initialization advanced, so that the user will not have to stare at a black screen for extended periods of time. Added missing icon hints. Fixed the problem with the HDLDump server being difficult to shut down. Version 0. R - don't worry; 0. They should be compatible now. Added power-off processing code.

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opl black screen hdd

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